Combining Compassion and mindfulness with coaching conversations
So that you can step into your own state of wellbeing
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Corona Virus update

To create the best possible positive impact, during these times of additional uncertainty and instability, all of my sessions are now taking place through online coaching, and rather than charging set fees, I am asking that you pay as much as you think you can afford.

How coaching can help right now

By entering into a coaching conversation you have provided yourself time with a human being who will listen attentively and without judgement, and ask questions to direct focus and attention towards what really matters. The Covid 19 situation affects everybody differently, and on a day by day and moment to moment basis these changes can be tiring and confusing.

Coaching can help with:

  • Understanding and regulating thoughts and emotions
  • Providing clarity over difficult situations
  • Resolving inner conflicts
  • Accessing inner qualities such as tranquility, calm and compassion
  • Discovering Values, beliefs, identities and goals
  • Remaining focused and motivated on achieving milestones and life accomplishments
  • Having a judgement free space to think, speak and explore

About me

Hi I’m Tom. My career path properly started in 2007 when I completed a degree in English and Creating writing and then began training in and then leading activities in Outdoor and Adventurous education. I worked my way into becoming a chief instructor, coach and manager within a major climbing wall. During my interaction with clients and staff, I became more and more fascinated with how paying attention to verbal and non verbal communication could have such an impact on helping people to remain calm and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

I began studying Compassionate, or Non Violent Communication (NVC) at around 2013 and then throughout 2015 -2017 I achieved my certification as a Master of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, and in 2017 I set up Tom Powell Coaching, so that I could use my skills to help create a positive impact. Since that time I have helped people to:

lose their phobias, let go of anxiety, feel confident in exams, interviews and tests, enhance self compassion and compassion for others, increase psychological performance in rock climbing.

In order to maintain and broaden my physical and psychological wellbeing I practice Mindfulness, yoga, breathing practices and meditation. I deepen my study through reading and exploring the most up to date information as well as examining different philosophies and schools of thought.

I believe that the most crucial component within coaching is that people feel safe, calm, and connected within themselves. I believe that positive change comes from people being responsible for, and arriving at their own decisions, in their own time. In this respect my approach is non judgemental and patient so that people have access to their own inner resources

Session Costs & Duration

Due to the situation with Covid-19 I have decided to waiver all my set fees, and instead am asking for people to pay as much as they feel they can afford. I have however provided my suggested fees and session duration for the sake of clarity.

  • Free – 15 mins for a quick chat and to experience the online coaching experience
  • 3 x 30 minute weekly sessions – £60
  • 2 x 1 hr weekly sessions – £80

To book

Contact me via and from there we can arrange a free 15 minute online session. I will also provide you with some further information to prepare you for the coaching sessions and to begin the coach-client relationship in the best possible way.

Here are a few pointers before you book:

  • All sessions are currently based on ‘pay as you feel’ there is a Paypal donate link at the bottom of my web page.
  • Online coaching will take place via the Zoom app and requires a reasonable internet connection speed and the sessions need to take place in an environment that is free of distractions. This is so that you have the best opportunity to really focus on what is important.