Improve your "Headgame"
Climb with confidence

Lose Your Anxiety

Find your calm, confidence and courage and lead an empowering life

Personal Breakthrough

Make peace with your past, discover your present and create an incredible future

OVERCOME Your Phobia

Free yourself of the fear that has been holding you back

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Personal Breakthrough

“I cannot put into words what it now feels like to actually feel happiness and joy….You’ve helped me find my happy again. Now anything and everything is possible.” – Claire
Is it time to make some significant changes? The 2 day personal breakthrough session is an opportunity for you to, discard your emotional baggage, make some incredible transformations and discoveries, and to step into a bold new future of your own making.

Climbing Coaching

“….. my climbing has improved but most importantly so has my relationship with climbing. It’s pretty rare for me to be annoyed with myself these days, and I’m pretty sure Tom is the reason for that.” – Rob

Tom Powell’s Climbing Coaching provides a specialised and personalised approach using tools from the world of NLP and coaching to allow you to be the best climber that you can be.


Overcome Phobias

“The whole process took about 45 minutes and by the end of it I was shocked, surprised and relieved….and to this day my fear of wrists has gone.” – Elliot
Is there something you fear that controls your life? Would you like to live without it? Spiders, flying, clowns, birds, the list in endless. No matter what your phobia is, you can learn how to overcome it.

Get Rid Of Your Anxiety

“So now when I’m nervous about public speaking I know how to calm myself down and that is thanks to Tom.”-Katka
Anxiety is not a thing that has to rule your life and you no longer have to think of yourself as an anxious person. You have the power to breathe easy, have dry hands, stop that feeling in the pit of your tummy and face the future with a smile.

About Me

Located in Bristol, I’ve been working as a coach for over 5 years and have worked with a diverse range of people, from all different ages and backgrounds and in all manner of environments and situations. I am fascinated with how people can gain the most from any given situation, and over time have learned and studied patterns and techniques that can help individuals be the best they can be, no matter what it is that they are doing.

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