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Wilderness Retreat for Personal Transformation
“I recently had a therapy session with Tom regarding my anxiety. Tom offers a unique technique that I have never come across before with therapy. He lead the session very clearly in a safe environment. We looked at a series of exercises to over come my fears with anxiety attacks. Since coming out of the session I now look at my anxiety in a completely different light. Literally life changing. I would highly recommended seeing Tom regarding anything in life that is bringing you down as he has the tools to help!” Emily
“I can’t thank you enough for yesterday, you really helped me open my eyes/put a label on something I guess I already knew (subconsciously) was the root to all my problems………I am excited to start making these changes every day and really committing to changing the way I see myself and my life. You are a star! Thank you again for being the easiest person to talk and leading me to the clarity I have had.“ Sarah
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Phobia Therapy
13 Aug 2019
What is phobia therapy and how can it help?
Phobia therapy. What is that? How does it work? Will it work for me? People ask many questions and have a great deal of preconceptions about how to let go of fears and phobias. I wante...
22 Apr 2018
Overcoming a traumatic climbing memory – a case study
There is no doubt that to climb effectively we have to be able to keep in charge of our psychological state. Before we get onto our chosen route we have to put away the emotional baggage...
Get what you want
16 Oct 2019
Finding what you want
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" - Confuscious Finding and getting what you want is not what we have been taught. Tireless pursuit, self sacrifice, SMART goal...
08 Sep 2019
Climbing partnerships: How to avoid the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
Climbing partnerships: How to avoid 4 horsemen of the apocalypse Every so often during a coaching session it becomes apparent that there is a problem that is lying under the surface. I ofte...
Just Calm Down
03 Aug 2019
Just Calm Down
“Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down” States a popular meme doing the rounds on social media. Whilst I would primarily agree with this...
Specific and Complex Phobias
07 Nov 2018
Specific and Complex Phobias
In this post I explore the differences and similarities between what has been labelled as specific and complex phobias. What is a Specific Phobia? A specific phobia is when the...
Falling off and letting go: Tips and thoughts to improve your head-game
19 Oct 2018
Falling off and letting go: Tips and thoughts to improve your head-game
About This Article A fear of falling on the lead is what stops so many people from being able to climb naturally, fluidly and to their fullest potential when they are above their last piece...