Combining Compassion and mindfulness with coaching conversations
So that you can step into your own state of wellbeing
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Tom Powell Coaching

I recently had a therapy session with Tom regarding my anxiety. Tom offers a unique technique that I have never come across before with therapy. He lead the session very clearly in a safe environment. We looked at a series of exercises to over come my fears with anxiety attacks. Since coming out of the session I now look at my anxiety in a completely different light. Literally life changing. I would highly recommended seeing Tom regarding anything in life that is bringing you down as he has the tools to help!”


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How coaching can help

Coaching provides time with a human being who will listen attentively and without judgement. A coach will ask questions to direct focus and attention towards what really matters. A good coach believes that the client is the specialist of living their own life, and so the coach will use their time to help the client to access their own inner resources.

Tom Powell’s model of coaching focuses on personal wellbeing. His method comes from the foundations of mindfulness and self compassion. The purpose of his coaching sessions is to provide a safe space for his clients to explore and access their way back to their own place of self compassion and peace of mind. Tom believes that everyone has the power within them to live a life that has daily fulfilment.

Tom’s Coaching can help with:

  • Understanding and regulating thoughts and emotions
  • Providing clarity over difficult situations
  • Resolving inner conflicts
  • Accessing inner qualities such as tranquility, calm and compassion
  • Discovering Values, beliefs, identities and goals
  • Remaining focused and motivated on achieving milestones and life accomplishments
  • Having a judgement free space to think, speak and explore

About me

Hi I’m Tom. My career path properly started in 2007 when I completed a degree in English and Creating writing and then began training in and then leading activities in Outdoor and Adventurous education. I worked my way into becoming a chief instructor, coach and manager within a major climbing wall. During my interaction with clients and staff, I became more and more fascinated with how paying attention to verbal and non verbal communication could have such an impact on helping people to remain calm and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

I began studying Compassionate, or Non Violent Communication (NVC) at around 2013 and then throughout 2015 -2017 I achieved my certification as a Master of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, and in 2017 I set up Tom Powell Coaching, so that I could use my skills to help create a positive impact. Since that time I have helped people to:

lose their phobias, let go of anxiety, feel confident in exams, interviews and tests, enhance self compassion and compassion for others, increase psychological performance in rock climbing.

In order to maintain and broaden my physical and psychological wellbeing I practice Mindfulness, yoga, breathing practices and meditation. I deepen my study through reading and exploring the most up to date information as well as examining different philosophies and schools of thought.

I believe that the most crucial component within coaching is that people feel safe, calm, and connected within themselves. I believe that positive change comes from people being responsible for, and arriving at their own decisions, in their own time. In this respect my approach is non judgemental and patient so that people have access to their own inner resources

Session Costs, type & Duration

Online Coaching

During the lockdown period I have lowered my set fees to a suggested minimum of £40 per hour for online coaching. For those who are in the greatest need or for those who working for the NHS I also operate a pay what you can scheme.

Online coaching is ideal for those who I am unable to reach in person. The online platform is also a good format for more regular quick-fire sessions. I do not run interventions such as phobia therapy during online sessions, as it is important to me that dealing with intense subjects take place with the client in the same room.

Clients have found that 30 minute weekly online coaching sessions are a useful way to stay on track with creating wellbeing in their life.

Outdoor Coaching

As Lockdown restrictions begin to lift I am able to offer Coaching sessions in certain parks in the local Bristol area. Providing that social distancing and the Government guidelines continue to allow for it. These sessions are £65 per hour

Outdoor coaching provides a wonderful way to let the mind relax and unravel as the process of movement and nature are themselves a useful addition towards wellbeing. Outdoor sessions are also weather dependent and may at times need to be rearranged or might involve a diversion towards a local cafe.

Outdoor coaching sessions are usually up to 1 hour long

Therapy Room Coaching

Ordinarily I use the beautiful Practice Rooms in Southville Bristol as they are a wonderful space to hold a coaching conversation. I often suggest The Practice Rooms for sessions that might involve hypnotherapy or NLP interventions, such as in the case of phobia therapy.

Sessions in the Therapy Room tend to be 1 1/2 hours which is £90 per session.

At this present moment in time during the Lockdown process, I am currently not using the therapy rooms for sessions. I will update this message when I believe that it is suitable to use them again for my work.

Number of sessions

Every person is unique and so the number of sessions that take place can be discussed by the coach and client in the early stages of the relationship. Moreover, it is the client who decides when they have reached their goal, or if they have the resources they need in order for them to reach it on their own. Therefore there are no fixed contracts regarding the number of sessions and a client can book for as few or as many as they wish.

To book

Contact me via providing as much or as little information as you wish to share. From there we can begin to create the best way forward for you. I will provide you with some initial coaching questions that provide an opportunity for self exploration and will help both of us to to enter into the coaching relationship in a positive and constructive manner.


A video from my ‘climbing’ youtube channel, where I explore wellbeing and mindfulness within the sport of climbing

Join me for a 30 minute online session exploring techniques to feel calm and grounded, for just £5. Hosted through the wonderful people at Yonder Studio. Visit to book your spot.

Posted by Tom Powell Coaching on Thursday, 2 April 2020
An excerpt from an online grounding session for Yonder Studio, during the Corona Virus lockdown.

A short clip from the weekend, some insight from Johari’s window for our retreaters.

Posted by Tom Powell Coaching on Monday, 11 November 2019
From one of our Retreats. Sharing ‘Joharis Window’ a useful tool for exploring ones own understanding of identity

Escaping negative thought patterns and returning to the present moment

Posted by Tom Powell Coaching on Wednesday, 4 December 2019
Three Things grounding technique. A useful tool for escaping from cyclical thought patterns and returning back to a calm and present state of being