Phobia Therapy

“…..I was at a stage where I would try anything to get rid of my phobia. Tom mentioned that he might be able to do some mild NLP work to help me with my phobia, naturally I said yes. The process I experienced was surprisingly relaxing and  very simple to follow, we talked about the outcome I’d like to achieve as well as how much my phobia has had an impact on my life, and then he guided me on my “journey”. The whole process took about 45 minutes and by the end of it is I was shocked, surprised and relieved.”  Elliott

“Although I had less than a 10 minute hypnosis session with Tom, it had a profound impact on my mindset…………I have gone over a month now without hitting lower than a 6 on my 1-10 scale and have a much more positive outlook on life. If you are willing to keep an open-mind, I can’t recommend Tom enough.” Jade

“…..I still feel more resilient & brave after talking with Tom, not in a brief superficial way but in a quietly fundamental way.  I absolutely recommend him.” – Frankie

“…….To my amazement I accomplished things which in the past completely shut me down. I even found new confidence whilst on holiday climbing harder than I ever had before. Tom is very professional and his approachability and enthusiasm to help sets him apart. Thank you for your help!” Steve

About What I Do

Hi I’m Tom

I work with people to help them to feel calm and take control of their life. Most specifically I work with people who have phobias and fears that are irrational but nevertheless are controlling certain aspects of their life.

Many years ago I began teaching outdoor adventurous activities, and began to pay attention to what is required to help people relax so that they can feel confident enough to take on any challenge for themselves. Over time I studied and trained to develop my skills so that I could become as effective as possible with working with people to overcome boundaries and reach their goals.

Today, I am a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and use talking therapy to help people to find their calm and reach their goals.

About Phobia Sessions

Phobias are messages that are held onto by the unconscious mind in an attempt to keep you safe. The Unconscious mind is trying its best to do a good job, however it is massively exaggerating the scale of the problem. Phobia sessions are about allowing you to communicate with the unconscious mind, and help it to understand better ways to deal with the problem. For this to work you will be guided into a state of relaxation whereby I will talk you through different ways to use your imagination so that your unconscious mind can finally relax and learn how to deal with situations in more appropriate ways.

The sessions typically last 1.5 hours. Often only one session is required for people to be able to achieve the results they would like.

I have worked to help people overcome common phobias such as spiders, needles and heights and also unusual phobias such as the fear of wrists. I have also worked with people so they can feel confident and in control during exams, social situations, events and even meeting or talking to certain people.

“I went to see Tom about a fear of spiders, thinking…..why not give it a try?
Despite my initial up-front scepticism, Tom did an awesome job! I felt completely at ease throughout the session and have seen massive improvements in my behaviour around spiders since!
Whilst I still don’t like them…. I no longer feel an inner panic when they are around. I am comfortable to get up close to them, can clean up cobwebs and am comfortable walking away from a spider in the house and not giving it a further thought.
Thanks Tom Powell Coaching!” – Hannah


I tend to use the excellent Practice Rooms in Southville Bristol. They are cozy, quiet, comfortable, well decorated and nicely situated in the excellent North Street.

One of the lovely rooms used for sessions


Free initial conversation and goal setting work, this can be done via phone and email or in person. It takes roughly 15-30 minutes for the conversation. The goal setting work is done in your own time, and sent to me before your session begins.

£90 for up to 1.5 hour session. Often one session is all that is required, although further sessions can be booked as necessary.

Professional Member

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