Wilderness retreat for wellbeing

Wellbeing, noun – the state of being comfortable, happy or healthy

This retreat is all about finding and exploring more ways to experience wellbeing, and then to discover how to bring more of  it back into your life once the retreat is over. Here are a few key components to how we structure our retreat for enhancing wellbeing.

Presence in nature

Time spent in a true wilderness requires that we pay attention to the present moment. 

Away from the reassuring comforts of modern life, the natural world is quick to change and fluctuate. Noises, temperatures, sights, sounds, smells and sensations are all in a constant and quick process of change as we move or even sit still. It doesn’t take long for our natural responses to turn back on, we listen to the sounds within the trees, the approaching rivers, and sense the temperature drop as we move nearer a cave or gorge. All of these things may happen unconsciously at first, yet they bring a sense of wellbeing as they pull us away from the imaginings in our head of the past or the future, and ground us firmly in our bodies in the present moment.


This is the most important aspect. We understand space in three different ways.

  1. The physical surroundings. This means the cottage, and even more importantly it means the wilderness. We have selected the Dewerstone woodland because the natural environment provides the perfect space to reflect and explore.
  2. Personal space is sacrosanct. If you have a habit of giving your space up so that others can thrive. Then this weekend can be a part of giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy finding and restoring your personal space.
  3.  Holding Space. The coaches on the retreat place their time and energy in holding the space for you. This means maintaining an environment of non-judgement where any and every person is safe to work on their own manner and at their own speed. When a space is held consistently for people, they are able to explore themselves deeply and discover how to access positive resources that had been hidden away.


Activities are the building blocks for our bodies and minds. Movement and challenge is a vital way for creating change. 

We will also introduce small but powerful routines and habits for you to connect with. It may be that you find one or some of these routines useful and wish to incorporate them into your lifestyle when you return home.

Finally, many of the activities will also be shared with others on the retreat. Working alongside people with a common goal is often one of the more powerful ways to build a deeper sense of connection to a community, this is a desire that is hardwired into all humans, and when it is fulfilled it creates a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Some of the activities on the retreat include:
Rock climbing
Guided walks
Group conversations
1-1 coaching


When we practice gratitude we experience that what he currently have and are currently experiencing is enough. Gratitude directs our attention towards “what is not the problem” and demonstrates that there is plenty in the world that is already fulfilling for us. Practicing gratitude as a habit has been demonstrated to increase wellbeing and change brain activity. During the retreat we explore a few ways to practice gratitude.


Nobody ‘needs’ coaching, because everyone is fine just as they are, however it is a valuable tool for achieving more in your life and learning to experience things differently.
You are provided with questions before you enter into this retreat so you can consider what (if anything) you would like to work on.


Jake Andrew from NOOK cafe will be on board to serve us delicious foods. All the meals are meat free and can also be dairy free. Allergies can be catered for providing we have enough notice.
We believe in finding food that is medicine for the mind and body. Food should be colourful, flavourful and fresh and shared in good company.
As well as food being wholesome and healthy we do our best to source food in a way that is ethical for the people involved with it and the environment it was grown in.
The food in this retreat should fill you to the brim, put a big smile on your face and be the perfect fuel for your body and mind. Please note this is an alcohol free retreat.

Teas, coffees, hot chocolate and squash are all plentiful, fruit is always available and other snacks are normally on hand throughout the day.

Important Information


£330 per person, all inclusive. There are no additional costs.

To book & Ts&Cs

Click the book now button in the bottom right hand corner and click the mindfulness tab. All terms and conditions regarding payment are through the Experience Booking Platform – Beyonk.


This is an adults only and pets-free retreat. Guide dogs are of course welcome.

The retreat is an opportunity for some internal reflection. We welcome anybody and everybody. If you are undergoing some tough times, or believe that meditation, or focusing on your emotional or psychological state could be a challenge for you, or you have some particular requests regarding your psychological or emotional wellbeing, please feel free to contact us directly and we will listen and work to ensure you have suitable options to feel comfortable during your stay.

We do our best to accommodate for all physical abilities. The cottage itself is not adapted for wheelchair use, however it does have bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor. If you would like to know how this retreat would work for you please contact us.

We are accepting of all faiths, beliefs and life choices. We believe that wellbeing has a place for every person. We are not promoting any particular faith, religion or brand of psychological thinking. We accept everybody as they are.


The Dewerstone Cottage is remote and isolated in the Dartmoor woodland, a perfect peaceful location, with rivers, hills and wildlife all around. A perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle and conventions of modern life. The sleeping arrangements are basic no-frills dorm rooms with bunk beds, nothing fancy. Bring a comfy pillow, your own duvet or a sleeping bag and whatever else you need to keep you comfy. All the bedrooms have electric radiators which keep the rooms reasonably warm. You will be sharing a room with other participants, and we usually separate the different rooms according to gender. There are toilets, showers and a drying room in the cottage site. The kitchen, dining and lounge are all one beautiful large area with a fire place to rest and relax in front of. The grounds open directly into the Dartmoor wilderness, with trees rocks and rivers all around. There is the option of creating your own outdoor fire in a purpose built fire pit.

Accessing the cottage

The cottage can be reached by car. The directions will be given in the booking information, as access involves a combination padlock to enter the woodland. The track is bumpy and uneven and unsuitable for sports cars.

Alternatively it is normally possible to provide pickups from Plymouth Train station with enough prior notice.

Kit List

We will send out a more detailed kit list within your booking information, however for this retreat expect to bring. If you have trouble obtaining any of these items please give us some notice and we might be able to help you out.

Sleeping bag
Pillow (there are pillows, your own is always nicer though)
Full waterproofs
Walking boots
Clothes for two days
Wash kit
A book (there are plenty of books available at the retreat too)
Head Torch
Warm clothes ie jacket, hat, gloves

Wilderness Retreat for Personal Transformation


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