Wilderness Retreat for Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation

Simply put a personal transformation occurs every time you discover you are more than you thought you were.

A by-product of living our life from inside our own heads is that we form beliefs about who we are, for better or for worse, and this shapes our understanding of how we fit into the world. 

Occasionally significant events take place that provide us with an opportunity to consider our self differently. 

A wilderness retreat for personal transformation

The Natural environment provides many opportunities for an individual to explore their sense of self. The Wilderness has been used for the purposes of personal transformation through the use of rituals in tribes and cultures since the dawn of humanity, its teachings come from both respecting its dangers and honouring its bounties. It is the perfect teacher. The purpose of such rituals are invariably for the individual to let go of an identity that no longer serves them, and discover a new one that allows for further harmony and greater choice both within the tribe and with the world they live in.

Presence in nature

Time spent in a true wilderness requires that we pay attention to the present moment. 

Away from the reassuring comforts of modern life, the natural world is quick to change and fluctuate. Noises, temperatures, sights, sounds, smells and sensations are all in a constant and quick process of change as we move or even sit still. It doesn’t take long for our natural responses to turn back on, we listen to the sounds within the trees, the approaching rivers, and sense the temperature drop as we move nearer a cave or gorge. All of these things may happen unconsciously at first, yet they bring a sense of well being as they pull us away from the imaginings of the past or the future, and ground us firmly in the present.

The other Essential ingredients for creating change

During this Wilderness Retreat we stick to some simple yet powerful philosophies to help you on your journey.


This is the most important aspect. We use space in two different ways.

  1. The physical surroundings. This means the cottage, and even more importantly it means the wilderness. We have selected the Dewerstone forest because the natural environment provides the perfect space to reflect and explore.
  2. Personal space is sacrosanct. If you have a habit of giving your space up so that others can thrive. Then this weekend can be a part of giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy finding and restoring your personal space.

There is plenty of time for you to use the retreat as a way of relaxing, reflecting and integrating. Put your feet up. Sit by a river or a fire, read a book, fall asleep. Whatever nurtures your soul. Time to yourself and silence is sometimes the thing that is missing most in today’s busy lives and we encourage it greatly.


Activities are the building blocks for our bodies and minds. Movement is a vital way for creating change. During this retreat there will be opportunities for walking, hiking, and even climbing and abseiling. When combined with some of the other elements during the retreat, activity becomes an opportunity for creating personal transformation.

We will also introduce small but powerful routines and habits for you to connect with. It may be that you find one or some of these routines useful and wish to incorporate them into your lifestyle when you return home.

Finally, many of the activities will also be shared with others on the retreat. Working alongside people with a common goal is often one of the more powerful ways to build a deeper sense of connection to a community, this is a desire that is hardwired into all humans, and when it is fulfilled it creates a sense of purpose and wellbeing.


Nobody ‘needs’ coaching, because everyone is fine just as they are, however it is a valuable tool for achieving more in your life and learning to experience things differently.
You are provided with questions before you enter into this retreat so you can consider what (if anything) you would like to work on.


We aim to make self compassion or self care a priority throughout our retreats. One easy way to begin this is by fuelling our bodies with wholesome yet delicious food. Whilst what you put into your body and the environmental impact of how it is sourced are important. So too is the manner in which food is consumed. Meal times should involve gratitude, celebration and mindfulness. In this way meal times can be perfect little moments of bringing more self care into our lives.

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