Coaching For Rock Climbers

Tom brings a very interesting and powerful mixture of skills to his coaching. I used Tom for rock climbing coaching and was very impressed with (and thoroughly enjoyed) the session. Tom prepared for the session in considerable detail in terms of the info he gathered from me so that he was able to design the right content and approach for me. I felt I learnt more in those few hours with him than in the whole of the last year out on the rock by myself 🙂 Tom is also a throughly nice chap and a pleasure to spend time with. I’ll be working on the drills/tips he has given me and will for sure be back with him in a few months for the next stage of progression. I really do recommend Tom very highly 


After suffering with ‘vertigo like’ issues for a while and overcoming the majority of my problems on my own, I had reached a point where i had simply excepted that there will always be some things which i wont be able to do.

I was referred to Tom and I will admit that i was very skeptical, but willing to give it a shot if it helped me progress.

After a very relaxed and informal meet, he guided me through what i can only describe as a guided visualisation technique. I must stress how skeptical I still was during and after this process, and therefore was excited to put myself to test at the next opportunity.

To my amazement I accomplished things which in the past completely shut me down. I even found new confidence whilst on holiday climbing harder than I ever had before.

Tom is very professional and his approachability and enthusiasm to help sets him apart.

Thank you for your help!


I’ve recently had a session with Tom to help me get over a fear of falling I’ve recently developed. The session was very gentle and involved no falling – which surprised me! Tom is a pleasure to climb with – I was 100% at ease with him, totally trusted his advise and he is in generally a really nice guy to spend a couple of hours with. I’ve come away with several techniques to help me climb calmer and more positive. The session went by really quickly – I do wish we’d had time to get round to some fall practice, but I guess these things are best tackled with a good foundation in place, which I feel I now have. I hope to have another at some point soon. I would definitely recommend Tom’s coaching.


Tom has a very collaborative approach and I really enjoyed our sessions. It’s so useful to be able to talk about the head game and technical aspects in the same sentence. I found it easy to trust him and what seemed to be small tweaks to my technique have made a big difference to my confidence and ability.


Had two climbing sessions with Tom now. He has a great teaching style that pushes you at just the right rate, and allows you to understand how to achieve a particular climbing challenge. I felt I was progressing quickly and received excellent encouragement throughout our sessions. The video of one climb was interesting! I will be heading down to Bristol for a few more sessions for sure. Thanks Tom.


Your advice last week was very effective. When it got me to the top of that project I’d been working I felt like I still had enough left in me to have kept on climbing if the route had been longer. Many thanks.


In my climbing lifetime, it is a fear of falling which usually holds me back. If there is a climb I can’t do it will be the fear of injuring myself or the fear of the unknown fall which will most often be the reason I can’t do something rather than strength or technique. I used to find this very frustrating as I thought it was harder to fix than just getting stronger or practising technique. Tom and I have worked together on a number of occasions to help with this and much to my surprise each time it has helped me push my grade or take on a type of route I was previously unable to do due to fear. Tom has given me anchors to help focus on positive thought and not fixate on the thoughts of falling. He has also given very practical coaching by way of fall practice in a safe environment and even spent a session showing me the best ways to fall off the bouldering wall so as to minimise the risk of injury.

The best thing about Tom is his easy and reassuring manner, I instantly feel safe around him, and he creates a very safe and comfortable atmosphere in his sessions. This leads to a very productive session, and every time I have seen him I come away feeling very positive about my climbing and ready to jump on things I would previously have been to scared to try.


Just a few climbing sessions with Tom taught me some new drills, techniques and a new level of focus that helped me move above a long-standing plateau- I’d definitely recommend.


Thank you Tom. I had my first outdoor climbing experience yesterday along with my daughter and our climbing partners. Tom had taken the time to plan the perfect session for us, discussing what we wanted from the session and suggesting various options well in advance of the day. Tom’s calm, unhurried and gently encouraging approach made me feel very relaxed and confident as a result I achieved more than I imagined I would. We all had a wonderful time.