“For the majority of my life I have suffered from a unique phobia called carplephobia “the fear of wrists”. I couldn’t touch my wrists, I could barely look at them and whenever somebody touched them or even mentioned the subject of wrists, I would feel physically sick and even in some extreme cases I would break down. It took me years to train myself to wear a watch, and over time I would be over to reduce the impact this phobia had on me, however nothing I did completely solved the issue. The fact this phobia is so unique and unusual meant a lot of people didn’t take it seriously as well as not really understanding how much it affected me. This lead to (especially in my school years) a lot of bullying like behaviour towards myself. This phobia also had a big impact on many of my hobbies the main being climbing, I was unable to stretch my forearms due to the pressure it would apply onto my wrists and I was very prone to injuries.

I was at a stage where I would try anything to get rid of my phobia. Tom mentioned that he might be able to do some mild NLP work to help me with my phobia, naturally I said yes. The process I experienced was surprisingly relaxing and  very simple to follow, we talked about the outcome I’d like to achieve as well as how much my phobia has had an impact on my life, and then he guided me on my “journey”. The whole process took about 45 minutes and by the end of it is I was shocked, surprised and relieved. Very quickly I noticed that I could touch my wrist without any feeling of nausea, I even managed to stretch my forearms properly for the first time, I can wear a watch again and to this day my fear of wrists has gone.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a way to get rid of a phobia to seek an NLP practitioner, the fact that tom is effortlessly calm, kind and very understanding means that he is in my opinion the first person anybody should go to regarding a problem that could be solved with NLP.”



In my climbing lifetime it is a fear of falling which usually holds me back. If there is a climb I cant do it will be the fear of injuring myself or the fear of the unknown fall which will most often be the reason I cant do something rather than strength or technique. I used to find this very frustrating as I thought it was harder to fix than just getting stronger or practicing technique. Tom and I have worked together on a number of occasions to help with this and much to my surprise each time it has helped me push my grade or take on a type of route I was previously unable to do due to fear. Tom has given me anchors to help focus on positive thought and not fixate on the thoughts of falling. He has also given very practical coaching by way of fall practice in a safe environment and even spent a session showing me the best ways to fall off the bouldering wall so as to minimise risk of injury.
The best thing about Tom is his easy and reassuring manner, I instantly feel safe around him, and he creates a very safe and comfortable atmosphere in his sessions. This leads to a very productive session, and every time I have seen him I come away feeling very positive about my climbing and ready to jump on things I would previously have been to scared to try.

Climbing Coaching


“I have recently worked with Tom to address aspects of my life that were causing me a great deal of conflict and sadness. I was nervous to begin with, especially when  feeling so negative about myself. I felt as a mum of two I wasn’t doing the best job and that I had lost all sense of felling happy. I was on and off battling with depression and anxiety. My body felt weighed down and mentally I  was fed up with never quite getting over the miserable cloud that followed me. How ever I really didn’t needed to be to nervous at all. Tom made me feel instantly at ease and gave me the compassion and understanding I needed to feel safe and secure. I was able to put forward with real honesty how I felt. Tom guided me through and gave me the tools to allow me to realign the parts of my life that had felt broken for such along time. Tom always allowed me the time and space to understand and unravel these learning. I felt as though they worked on a deeper level as they were for me. I am still holding these teachings with me now, weeks on and I am so grateful for the wonderful changes they have bought me and my family. My husband is thrilled with the difference he sees and feels. It has enhanced our relationship and created a greater understanding for each of us an individuals. Our house feels different and my children are happier. I am even proud to say that we have had the odd test too in the past few weeks. The old me would of found these things almost impossible to tackle or get over. But with these new tools and a greater respect for myself and others around me I have tackled things in a manner I’d never before felt possible. I am being the person that deep down I always desired to be. With out a great coach like Tom to help me through this difficult time I wouldn’t be able to say that. I am so very thankful to Tom for working with me and pushing me hard when I needed it. I cannot put into words what it now feels like to actually feel happiness and joy. To feel it move around you in the most real and special way, for it not just to be words that I said because I knew they fit a situation, yet stood there feeling empty. You’ve helped my find my happy again. Now anything and everything is possible.”

Conflict Resolution

I have been in therapy for over 5 years and was recently diagnosed with cyclomthymia, rapid swings in mood from mild mania to depression, and prescribed medication to stabilise my moods. The rapid mood changes really effected my self-employed career but I felt determined to find a way to manage it without medication. Although I had less than a 10 minute hypnosis session with Tom, it had a profound impact on my mindset. I have to be honest, after the first few minutes of the session which I found to be very similar to a guided meditation, I don’t actually remember what Tom was saying but I was vaguely aware at some point that he invited me to open my mind and allow some form of message to come. I visualised standing up against a corner of a room feeling trapped and heavy. I started to follow the seam of the wall up to the ceiling and along the corners of the room before realising I had turned around to see a vast, bright open space. It may sound “hippy” but I felt an influx of empowerment. A challenge to work out what the “walls” that were blocking me symbolised in reality and to find a way to turnaround or break them down. I now use the “low moods” as action signals to identify and make a change in some way. I have gone over a month now without hitting lower than a 6 on my 1-10 scale and have a much more positive outlook on life. If you are willing to keep an open-mind, I can’t recommend Tom enough.


Weekend Workshop




Your advice last week was very effective. When it got me to the top of that project I’d been working I felt like I still had enough left in me to have kept on climbing if the route had been longer. Many thanks.

Climbing Coaching

Having suffered from situational anxiety attacks for a while a friend suggested I try a couple of sessions of NLP with Tom, I was sceptical and felt it was a problem that couldn’t be solved by simple talking and listening, but on my friends insistence I booked a session, and I am so glad I did! The difference I experienced was night and day. The crippling anxiety attacks I had been experiencing stopped the first time I put into practice the strategies Tom gave me to use. Not only that but by having Tom listen carefully to me and do some work in putting things in my mind into perspective and realise the reasons behind the anxiety all allowed me to move forward without the anxiety.

I find it hard to discuss fairly intimate thoughts and feelings, but in our session Tom instantly put me at ease and I felt comfortable enough to open up far more than I though I would, but also he wasn’t pushy or prying too much into things I wasn’t comfortable talking about. Tom is one of the most genuine people I have found to work with on this, he creates a very safe and trusting environment and I felt it was perfect to allow me to just concentrate on the matter at hand and not worry about anything else.



“I came to Tom on a recommendation of a friend of mine, who got helped by him to get a job she wanted,  she said to me that thanks to him she went on job interview boosted with self confidence and that was what I needed too. I didn’t know much about NLP back then but I was willing to give it a try. My problem was that I was about to start a course and few days before it I got terrified that I’ll have to speak in front of 30 people I have never met before and all I had in my head was the image of me standing in the room full of people, everybody looking at me and my voice is shaking and people can see how nervous I am. Tom was very nice and patient while we were going through different techniques together. In the end of the session I felt absolutely fine about going to the course next morning, I also had few techniques to help myself if needed. And all went well, and when I had to talk about myself I was just fine. So now when I’m nervous about public speaking I know how to calm myself down and that is thanks to Tom.”


“I was awestruck by both the breadth and depth of the knowledge which Tom displayed, and also by the way he handled some potentially difficult interactions with people participating in the (busy) workshop. In fact ‘wisdom’ is probably more accurate a term than ‘knowledge’ here, and I took to thinking of him as guru-Tom rather than Tom P thereafter.”

Coaching Workshop

“I’ve suffered with anxiety disorder for several years; whilst studying for my MSc exam anxiety was particularly bad – I was unable to complete two exams near the start of the course due to severe panic attacks. The night before my third (and final) exam, Tom sat with me for just half an hour, and talked me through some breathing exercises. Having tried these alone in the past I wasn’t convinced that I would get any benefit, but having Tom guide me made it a completely different experience. The morning of the exam I , began to employ one of the techniques I had been taught. I managed to calm myself down and regain focus. Not only did I make it to and complete the exam, I also passed!”


I had a session with Tom after a group coaching workshop where I found some of the thought exercises unusually difficult and stressful, although I couldn’t put my finger on why. I didn’t have any preconceptions of NLP, nor what the session would uncover as I wasn’t even sure what was causing my panic. The main outcome for me was the realisation that the way that my brain thinks and stores memories is just different, not worse or better than others. I arrived at this conclusion myself, with Tom at first observing my verbal and non-verbal language and then guiding and showing me through some practical exercises that I could indeed do some of the things I thought that I struggled with! There are a few moments and points of discussion from that session that I still think back to, many months on, helping me to feel calm and assured. I would recommend Tom for anyone who feels that improving their self-confidence in any aspect of their life would unlock a better, calmer person!
After a very strange, up and down 10 months of spiking anxiety, changing jobs, moving house, breaking my ankle & family issues I was in an absolute muddle. I had too many options to try & choose from, it left me for the first time in my life, completely indecisive. I quite literally didn’t know what to do.
After a recommendation I booked to speak with Tom & I’m so glad I did.
First off he’s just a lovely calm person, and you feel like your talking with your kindest & most wise friend, rather than a coach.
We unravelled all the strands of my situation; talking things through & with Tom’s guidance I worked out a route for right now and some excellent points for use & reflection further along as I carry on.
I still feel more resilient & brave after talking with Tom, not in a brief superficial way but in a quietly fundamental way.  I absolutely recommend him.

“I cant thank you enough for yesterday, you really helped me open my eyes/put a label on something I guess I already knew (subconsciously) was the root to all my problems………I am excited to start making these changes everyday and really committing to changing the way i see myself and my life.

You are a star! Thank you again for being the easiest person to talk and leading me to the clarity i have had.”