Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Sessions can be paid for either via Paypal invoice or BACS transfer.

Payment will be sent when a date and time has been agreed upon by all parties.

Only when payment is taken in full is a session considered confirmed.

For Retreats all bookings and payment are to be made via the Adventure Marketplace website Beyonk. All payment/cancellations and booking made through Beyonk are subject to their policies and terms and conditions.

Certain retreats are run and conducted by Will Batho the Adventure Coach an associate of Tom Powell Coaching, in these instances Tom Powell Coaching may not be directly involved and the Retreat, payment and Ts&Cs falls under the responsibility of Beyonk and The Adventure Coach

Contracts & Tasking

Coaching requires a set of agreements between the client and the coach. Once initial contact has been made and prior to the session beginning, Tom Powell will send through paperwork relevant to the style of coaching to take place. This allows both the coach and the client to bring forward any important information, provide transparency, keeps communication visible and holds both the coach and the client accountable for their words and their actions.

In order for a client to reach their goals the coach will often set tasks to be completed. These will always be provided in writing and must be fulfilled in order for a session to count as completed.

Refunds & Cancellations

Refunds will not be given 48 hours before a booked session is due to begin.

Should a session need to be cancelled or moved, please contact Tom at the quickest possible notice and he will do his best to arrange another time.

In the case of sessions that require use of the outdoors, Tom may have to cancel the session with short notice if the weather or conditions will not be suitable. All attempts will be made to arrange the session for another day or time, or to find a suitable replacement venue or activity.

Refunds & Special conditions for Phobia & Fear sessions.

In the instance of Phobia and fear sessions; a separate contract will be created and co-signed between the coach and client. This contract will outline the specific agreement and clauses that necessitate whether the client has reached the goal. The contract can be signed prior to the initial payment.

If it has been shown that tasks that have been set by the coach have not been completed by the client, no refund will be given. The client must be able to demonstrate that they followed all tasks set to them.

Should all tasking be completed and the goal was not reached as per the agreed upon contract a refund of £100 can be given. The additional £90 will be kept by Tom Powell Coaching as payment for time and services.

Payment for a Fear and Phobia session will provide up to two sessions lasting up to 1.5 hours. One session may be all that is required. The second session must take place within six weeks of the first.

A session may finish before 1.5 hours if the coach believes the goal has been reached.


Except as expressly provided in this agreement, Tom Powell makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. In no event will Tom Powell be liable to the Client for consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, Tom Powell’s entire liability under this agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, will be limited to the amount paid by the Client to Tom under this agreement for all services rendered up until the termination date.

This is the entire agreement of the parties, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.

Insurance & Qualifications

Tom Powell holds relevant insurance for both talking therapy and the climbing and adventurous activities that he runs. Tom holds the relevant qualifications, accreditation, membership, certification and awards for the work that he conducts and keeps it up to date. These are all available upon request.



Privacy Policy


The information you have provided is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations . (GDPR)
By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy at the time of booking, you are consenting to Tom Powell Coaching processing your personal data, both manually and by electronic means.
Your data will be used for the sole purpose of activities related to supporting the services provided by Tom Powell Coaching (incl. direct correspondence between coach and client, booking procedures and session records). Your data will not be shared with any other parties.
If at any time, should you wish to withdraw consent for your personal data or sensitive data to be processed, please contact Tom Powell on tom@tompowellcoaching.co.uk.
You may be assured that all your personal data and sensitive personal data will be stored confidentially and securely and it will not be processed other than for a legitimate purpose associated with the service provide to you. Steps will be taken to ensure that the information is accurate, kept up to date and not kept for longer than is necessary.
Measures will be taken to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss or destruction or damage to data.
Subject to certain exceptions, you are entitled to have access to your personal and sensitive personal data that is held.
You will not be charged for having the data supplied to you, however there is a right to apply a ‘reasonable’ fee where requests are deemed excessive.
You will be responded to as soon as possible and within the maximum time frame of 1 month. Where it is deemed excessive this may take longer and you will be notified with a time frame.


6 Principles of GDPR:
Your data will be lawfully and fairly processed in a transparent manner.
Your data is collected on the grounds of clear, transparent and legitimate reasons.
We will only ask for your data when necessary, explain when and with whom your data will be shared.
Your data will be accurate, kept up to date and erased, without delay, should your data no longer be required for the reason for which it was originally processed.
Your data will be retained for as long as necessary.
Your data will be kept secure at all times.
An additional principle sets out the Accountability, where we shall be responsible for and demonstrate compliance according to General Data Protection regulations.


The points below are clear rights you have under the data protection (GDPR). Please ask us for more information and explanation of each, should you wish to;
The right to be informed
The right of access
The right to rectification
The right to erasure
The right to restrict processing
The right to data portability
The right to object
Rights to automated decision and profiling


If in the instance you believe your data has been wrongfully processed or not kept secure you have the right to raise a complaint with the ‘Information Commissioner’s Office’ (ICO).