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Set in beautiful and remote locations and using a small team of experienced coaches and outdoor professionals. Our retreats offer adventure, coaching and experiences to nourish the soul.

Meet The Team

We have a small team of great people, who have the skills to make a retreat the perfect place for its guests to relax and unwind. Depending on the size and nature of the retreat, not everybody on the core team may attend. You will learn more about who will be your hosts during your retreat when you receive your booking information.

Tom Powell is an experienced and qualified outdoor adventure guide. He has worked around the UK developing his skills in climbing, bushcraft and survival, paddling and coasteering. Tom’s real passion comes from helping others to find their calm, courage and confidence. He has his own business as a Fear and Phobia Therapist as well as working specifically with Rock Climbers to help them increase their mental performance. Tom has also been involved with the mentoring Charity ClimbUp Bristol for many years helping young people from difficult backgrounds to build their confidence and self esteem. Tom is a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy and practices Non Violent Communication (NVC). Tom blends the use of modern coaching techniques and adventurous activities to assist others in having empowering breakthroughs. Tom is a dedicated rock climber and travels the world seeking challenge and adventure.

Laura has been working in the outdoors for over 10 years, instructing climbing, hill walking and other activities. She believes that the right environment can help people realise their strengths and capabilities. She has worked with young peoples charities, helping disadvantaged teens build self confidence and resilience through outdoor activities, and she works with wounded or injured military personnel by using adventure, outdoor activities and coaching as a means for restoring positive well-being. Laura excels at building rapport with people easily and then introducing them to challenge so that they can explore their own boundaries and grow beyond them. Laura’s coaching advocates the use of nature to allow people to feel relaxed and be more in touch with their true selves, whether it be along a gentle river in the UK, or the top of a mountian in Nepal.
Laura is qualified in a qualified climbing instructor, mountain leader, NLP practitioner, Mountain bike leader and a level 5 Leadership and Management coach. She is always out exploring her next adventure.

Will Batho, founder of The Adventure Coach. Will started his working life as an outdoor education instructor, leading and developing people in kayaking, climbing and hill walking before taking the opportunity to join the Royal Navy to pursue a career as a Helicopter Pilot. Will piloted commando sea king helicopters for 9 years with the RN, operating in Desert, Arctic and Maritime environments. Flying in operations in support of the SAS and SBS and later qualifying as an instructor. Leaving the service to continue his passion for learning and adventure, Will qualified as a teacher, gaining experience lecturing in Higher and Further Education, quickly progressing to curriculum leadership. Will has continued his personal learning by training and qualifying as a Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management and ABNLP.
Will is the founder of SouthWest SUP a hugely popular Stand Up Paddleboarding business. He is a skilled mountain biker, surfer and climber and still finds the time to be a dedicated father and family man.
Through all his experiences with developing people, in a huge variety of environments, Will believes the coaching philosophy to be undoubtedly the most transformational approach.

Jake Andrew Co-founder of NOOK cafe in 2018. Jake began his catering career as a bakers apprentice. He then spent his time with talented chefs in some prestigious kitchens. Jake moved on to start his own business so that he could prepare, present and serve food in a way that is important to him. NOOK cafe in Frome delivers meals that are nourishing for the mind body and soul. All the dishes are packed full of flavour, and vitamins, filled with fantastic textures and always extremely pleasing on the eye. The food is inspired by Hawaiian, Australian and Vietnamese cuisine, with bowls of fresh veg and meat and umami flavours. Jake believes that the best bits of life come from doing simple things well. He enjoys exercising in nature, foraging for mushrooms and going on adventures.

Emily trained with the Devon School of Yoga for 3 years and completed 750 hours of training.

Emily teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, inspired by music, dance and mindfulness. A dynamic yoga flow offers increased physical flexibility and comfort as well as a deeper connection to heal the body, as well as providing an increased sense of grounding and emotional and spiritual connection.

Emily carries with her a balanced and calm energy wherever she goes, and runs morning Yoga sessions on the retreats. She also runs her own classes and her website can be found on https://www.yogawithemily.co/



Our retreats are always flexible to allow for the needs of the individual, however we always include some key elements to ensure that you have the most spectacular time.

We choose areas that are remote and surrounded in natural beauty so that you can escape the trappings of a busy life and immerse yourself in the gentler pace of the natural world.

Activities are the building blocks for our bodies and minds, taking on new activities or familiar activities in new settings and with different people, are all ways to stimulate growth and learning. Our retreats involve activities ranging from the very gentle, such as light walks, yoga, or mindful movement, all the way to the extreme such as rock climbing and abseiling. Activity is always optional and we will always give you plenty of information as to the nature and intensity of any activity.

Retreats are a time for you to build a deeper relationship with yourself. It may be self exploration you are seeking, or that you wish to work towards a certain goal. The coaches on the retreat are available to help you use your time in a way that is most useful for you. The different types of retreats that we run do this differently. some have a stronger emphasis on coaching, others have a much lighter touch.

There is plenty of time, space and solitude for you to use the retreat as a way of relaxing, reflecting and integrating. Put your feet up. Sit by a river or a fire, read a book, fall asleep. Whatever nurtures your soul.

”Really amazing experience. It has definitely had a lasting impact on me.” – Jade

”I would highly recommend it to all my friends as a way to get out into nature but especially if you are looking for ways to expand your comfort zone.” – Neil

“I cant thank you enough for yesterday, you really helped me open my eyes/put a label on something I guess I already knew (subconsciously) was the root to all my problems………I am excited to start making these changes everyday and really committing to changing the way i see myself and my life. You are a star! Thank you again for being the easiest person to talk and leading me to the clarity i have had.” – Sarah

‘Thank you Will and team for the extraordinary experience. I absolutely loved the content, composition, flexibility, hospitality and the very personal feeling to this two day retreat. Very pleased with the experience and would love to do it again!’ ***** – Durba
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