“For the majority of my life I have suffered from a unique phobia called carplephobia “the fear of wrists”. I couldn’t touch my wrists, I could barely look at them and whenever somebody touched them or even mentioned the subject of wrists, I would feel physically sick and even in some extreme cases I would break down…… I was at a stage where I would try anything to get rid of my phobia. Tom mentioned that he might be able to do some mild NLP work to help me with my phobia, naturally I said yes. The process I experienced was surprisingly relaxing and  very simple to follow, we talked about the outcome I’d like to achieve as well as how much my phobia has had an impact on my life, and then he guided me on my “journey”. The whole process took about 45 minutes and by the end of it is I was shocked, surprised and relieved. Very quickly I noticed that I could touch my wrist without any feeling of nausea, I even managed to stretch my forearms properly for the first time, I can wear a watch again and to this day my fear of wrists has gone.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a way to get rid of a phobia to seek an NLP practitioner, the fact that tom is effortlessly calm, kind and very understanding means that he is in my opinion the first person anybody should go to regarding a problem that could be solved with NLP.” – Elliott

Is there something you fear that controls your life? Perhaps you can’t go into a meeting because there’s a spider on the wall in the corridor, perhaps you feel like you can’t go on your dream holiday because you can’t get on a plane, perhaps you avoid all parties because of balloons or clowns, maybe you avoid going for walks because you can’t be near dogs. What ever it is it doesn’t have to control your life anymore. From spiders to spoons, clowns to kites, snakes to sandwiches. If there is something in your life that makes you sweat just by thinking about it then you have a phobia that has been currently been limiting your life. And when it has gone just stop and imagine how liberating, and how many more choices, and how much incredible joy this will bring for you.

Phobia sessions are free of stress, safe and quick.

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