” I cannot put into words what it now feels like to actually feel happiness and joy. To feel it move around you in the most real and special way, for it not just to be words that I said because I knew they fit a situation, yet stood there feeling empty. You’ve helped my find my happy again. Now anything and everything is possible.” – Claire

Are you living life to the fullest? What does that even mean to you? Take a moment and think about your life, your career, your family, friendships, love life, body, hobbies, future, past. What baggage are you holding onto? What’s holding you back? What isn’t perfect yet? If you had the power to make the change that would move your life to a different level what would it be?

Personal Breakthrough sessions take place over two consecutive days and last approximately 10 – 16 hours. Because of the amount of challenge and the amount of change you are expected to experience I would recommend clearing your schedule for both evenings and if possible for the following day to allow you time to rest, sleep and reflect.

What Can I expect?

No two breakthrough sessions are the same, however almost all will achieve the same outcomes:

  • Discover yourself. Find out how you are creating the way you experience the world, and begin to make changes that will make living every day a joy
  • Let go of emotional pain. Using Timeline Therapy™, safely explore past events and release any negative emotions, and discover powerful new ways to move forward in your life
  • Resolve conflicts. Find new ways to peacefully overcome internal or external conflicts in your life
  • Create a compelling future. Now you are ready to know what is important to you. Explore powerful techniques to have the confidence to reach the future you desire