I also offer:

  • Guided hypnosis sessions
  • Group workshops
  • Climbing Coaching

These can be tailored to fit each individuals needs. Please contact me and we can discuss how these can best work for you.

And what else?

Sometimes, what you are looking for and what you want just don’t seem to fit in the same box.

Perhaps you have come to this website as a recommendation from a friend. Perhaps your Google search brought you here and you are still searching for something. Perhaps you’re not even sure how to explain what it is that you are wanting right now. It sometimes seems that some things are just a little hard to define or explain, and that is okay. A conversation with the right questions at the right time can shine a light on what it is you’ve been searching for.

Come and say hello. The box on the left hand side will send me through an email and we can begin a dialogue that might just spark up your curiosity.