The Adventure Coach

Will Batho aka the Adventure coach has a huge range of skills and talents that he has developed over his impressive career. Will runs retreats, coaching, events and much more in the Devon area. Will is a part of the trio of instructors used for the coaching & wellbeing retreats.

ClimbUp Bristol

ClimbUp is a charity that helps young people build their confidence by providing mentors who work with them in the context of rock climbing. I am proud to say that I play a role in such a wonderful Charity.

Amind4 adventure

Ian Pitchford of Amind4 adventure is a provider of a great many courses. He ran my training courses in NLP and Hypnotherapy. He is a fascinating and spellbinding trainer and teacher who excels in delivering content with a professional ease. Ian is of course also a coach who is well known for his compassionate and open-minded approach, allowing people the space to create extraordinary self development.

i2i Leadership & Coaching

12i provides developmental opportunities that are unique and impactful. Great for corporate or team training events.  The coaches involved are superb and highly trained in creating a programme that fully highlights the importance and nuances of leadership and teamwork.

Rise Physiotherapy

For all those who have picked up a physical injury, especially climbers, I can’t recommend Simon and Stephanie enough, their integrated approach to healthfulness as well as their keen observations, experience and personability make them the go-to people in order to build yourself up to being fit, strong and functional.

Nathan Bonnie Climbing

Nathan is a climbing instructor who runs sessions indoors and outdoors around the Bristol and South Wales area. He even runs trips abroad. He’s thoroughly professional and a great choice for all things climbing related

The Summit Path

Working with leaders and entrepreneurs, athletes and performing artists, The Summit Path is a cutting edge performance psychology practice and provider of coaching for peak mental performance and mental health services. We understand the pressures that people face in the 21st century and apply a research driven integrative and holistic approach to help you overcome mental and emotional obstacles, get the best out of yourself and improve your well-being.