How I work my costs

I believe that it is vitally important that when you work with me, your experience matches your understanding of value. I am transparent in my prices and my methods so that you are aware that there are no hidden costs and that what you see is what you get.

By the hour – Working by the hour means that busy lives and schedules can be maintained.

Lifestyle – Our perception of value shifts according to our lifestyle, and I would like to help everyone, and I would like everyone to have a sense of value and trust when we are in a coaching relationship. For those who can afford more, I will ask for more. For those who have less to give, I will meet you as best as I can according to your means.

Lifestyle A
 “I may enjoy a holiday once a year, I can enjoy the occasional meal out, I might own a few gadgets and toys or contribute towards savings” – £65 per hour

Lifestyle B
“I may own more than one nice car, have additional properties, or expensive toys. I may holiday frequently or luxuriously. I may contribute significantly towards savings” – £75 per hour

Concessions, discounts or pro-bono work
If you think you don’t fit into either of the above categories, please contact me.

Other Considerations

  • Initial self exploration questions sent to you for free
  • Travel distances and special or unusual circumstances can be discussed
  • Brief follow-ups via email, phone or skype usually for free

How much time does it take? How much will I expect to pay? 
Session lengths are arranged before the session begins and are typically 1.5 hours long
There is never a guarantee for how much time is needed as every person experiences change at their own speed. After the first session we can often better gauge how long it will take for you to reach your desired goal.


Cost of Personal Breakthrough

The Personal Breakthrough is 2 full days of work (approx 14 hours) and comes at a flat rate of £750


For Climbing coaching, ongoing sessions, workshops or anything else my hourly rate is approximate to those quoted above, but please contact me and we can discuss price based on your needs and means.


Once we have agreed to work with each other I will send you through an invoice to be paid before the first session begins. That way the matter of money has already been resolved. Payment is made via PayPal which keeps things simple and easy. If you don’t have Pay Pal don’t worry, the invoice comes with alternative means of payment.