Do I need my own equipment?


You will need to bring your own shoes, harness and chalk bag. I will provide ropes and all other necessary equipment. You will also need to bring suitable clothing, food and drink for your sessions

Will we spend the whole session climbing?

Sometimes having the right conversation is much more important than time on the wall. It all depends on the needs of the individual. Often the format of the session is arranged and agreed before the session starts so that you will know what is required


Will you use NLP or hypnosis during the climbing sessions?


NLP and hypnosis use language in a particular way to create impact. I use my language during sessions in a way that positively introduces new concepts and ideas. If I intend to use or teach any specific NLP techniques I will introduce them and ask for your permission before using them. The climbing sessions are not a full NLP session however, and if a ‘talking’ session is necessary then we will discuss how best to proceed


Can you be my coach?


I will work with you to help you achieve your goals, if we agree that ongoing sessions are a beneficial way to achieve this then we can arrange ongoing sessions and work out costs accordingly. My role as coach is to help you to be the owner of your own success, so once you have the tools, knowledge and confidence to reach your goals I will remove myself from the coaching relationship so that you can reach your goals for yourself and by yourself


Can you teach me to climb outdoors?


Yes. I run bespoke sessions so that you build up your outdoor climbing confidence


What is it that you do exactly?

I focus on helping the person in front of me, I keep my ratios incredibly low so that you have all of my attention. By being attentive, I can use my skills as required to be most useful. Sometimes this will involve teaching you a new skill, at other times this may in fact involve being quiet and allowing you the space and time you need to figure things out for yourself. Throughout all of this, I am also a climbing instructor and work to ensure that the activity is safe and at the right level of challenge for you.


What don’t you do?

I won’t overwhelm you, rush you, hurry you or take your autonomy away from ‘over-teaching’.


Are you insured?


Yes. I am fully insured to deliver every session that I offer and run, and I work to the industry best standards. Your safety and my safety is an absolute top priority.