“The best thing about Tom is his easy and reassuring manner, I instantly feel safe around him, and he creates a very safe and comfortable atmosphere in his sessions. This leads to a very productive session, and every time I have seen him I come away feeling very positive about my climbing and ready to jump on things I would previously have been too scared to try.” – Marie

Tom Powell Climbing 

I provide low-ratio specialised sessions with a focus on providing the perfect atmosphere for the growth and well-being of my clients.

What I offer

Indoor coaching

The indoor climbing wall is a reliable and convenient environment to learn, practice and consolidate new concepts and ways of thinking. They have a range of facilities and easy access to numerous climbs of various angles and heights and all this whilst remaining warm and dry and close to refreshments and conveniences.

  • 1:1 sessions for personalised coaching
  • 1:2 sessions to build trust with climber & belayer partnerships

I can run indoor sessions throughout the UK, although I am situated right next to the brilliant wall of Redpoint Bristol.

Cost for indoor sessions:
£80, 2.5 hour session
£150, day session

Outdoor introduction sessions

Suitable for anyone who is fairly new to climbing and simply wants to experience some time on some outdoor rock. Always on the safety of the rope you will have a selection of routes so that you can experience what it’s like to get climbing outdoors.

Works best with a friend.

Max Participants = 2

Outdoor Climbing to feed the soul.

When done right, climbing and the climbing environment can be its own form of therapy. In fact that’s why many people choose to climb in the first place. When combined with an experienced coach, then it can be an opportunity to have the time and space for a transformational experience. Funnily enough climbing isn’t always about being on the rock, sometimes it offers the opportunities to sit by the Dorset coast, or overlook the Wye valley, have a chat or some time in silence to regain some perspective and bring ourselves back to the best version of ourselves.

Contact Tom to find out how this can work for you.

Maximum participants: 2. Works best as a 1:1 session.

Introduction to sport climbing

Suitable for those who are experienced at lead climbing indoors, especially if you have completed an indoor lead climbing course. You will have the opportunity to safely try your first sport climbs and learn the additional hazards and skills that are involved with becoming a sport climber.

Maximum Participants 2:  Works best with a dedicated climbing partnership.

PLEASE NOTE: For the purpose of insurance and qualification reasons, you will always be on a safety (top) rope at all times throughout the course. If you would like to sample outdoor lead climbing without an additional top rope in place, then contact an instructor/coach who holds the MIA qualification.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst this course will teach you some of the skills that are used for Sport Climbing, it does not qualify you to be safe or proficient as an outdoor climber (no such course can.) Anyone who climbs outdoors does so entirely at their own risk. This booklet by the BMC discusses in more detail the level of risk involved.

NLP Sessions

If you have a particular mental barrier, or have had an unpleasant or traumatic experience that is difficult to forget it might be more valuable to have some NLP sessions first. NLP sessions can get to the core of the problem, and quickly unearth new solutions. More information on these sessions can be found from my home page.

Ongoing Coaching

If an ongoing coaching relationship would be motivational for you then please contact me and we can discuss session structure and price based on your needs.

Sessions for young people (Under 18)

I can provide all of the above sessions for experienced young climbers. Please note that parents would need to be present at all times to assume responsibility of the young person. Please see the requirements at the bottom of this page for more details.

Outdoor climbing location and cost:

The Mendips and Wye Valley have a variety of crags within easy reach from Bristol, ideal for a summer after work. The crags tend to be quarried limestone with a height at around 7 to 10 metres, perfect for practising clipping your first bolts, and the views they can offer, and the wildlife that surrounds them can be quite breath taking. Cost £120 – 3 hours (£60 per person if two people)

Portland. Quite some distance away from Bristol (normally more than a 2 hour drive) Portland’s cliffs are tall and beautiful, glowing white in the sun. The climbs are approximately 15 to 20 metres and offer great friction and holds. Even more importantly the sea laps only metres away and the views, sights sounds and even smells can be spectacular. Cost £180 6 hours. (£90 per person if two people)

“For the 3 years I’ve been climbing I’ve always had a rather strange relationship with lead climbing. On the one hand I loved it when I was doing well, but when I was struggling I would hate climbing and even hate myself for not doing as well as I expected. For two years I tried various things (reading books, climbing outside, talking with other climbers…) but I never quite understood what my relationship with climbing was. I decided to visit Tom and just sit down and talk for two hours. It was money well spent. We talked about what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy about climbing. The targets I set myself and how I measured my own performance and even how I saw myself through climbing. During our talk and with the follow-up emails and chats at the climbing wall Tom was able to help me identify why my relationship with lead climbing was like it was, and most importantly how to address it. Since then my climbing has improved but most importantly so has my relationship with climbing. It’s pretty rare for me to be annoyed with myself these days, and I’m pretty sure Tom is the reason for that.” – Rob

Rock Climbing in Portland
Tom in a good head-space on Englands Dreaming, Portland

Climbing Requirements

To ensure that you get the most out of these sessions, and that my skills will be the most useful for you, I have listed some requirements below.

Indoor Coaching & Outdoor Introduction Sessions

  • Clients must have been climbing for one year or more, and are confident in tying their own figure of eight knots, and can understand and demonstrate best practice whilst belaying.
  • Travel costs apply for locations beyond Bristol and the Mendips
  • Maximum number of people on the course = 2

Young People

  • Working on their NICAS level 4 or as part of a squad or academy or lead climbing at 6a or higher or on recommendation from a climbing coach.
  • Maximum number of young people on course = 2 – , Outdoor Introduction sessions = 2
  • A parent must be present at all times during the course. Parents are not counted as part of the maximum participant number