“I’ve suffered with anxiety disorder for several years; whilst studying for my MSc exam anxiety was particularly bad – I was unable to complete two exams near the start of the course due to severe panic attacks. The night before my third (and final) exam, Tom sat with me for just half an hour, and talked me through some breathing exercises. Having tried these alone in the past I wasn’t convinced that I would get any benefit, but having Tom guide me made it a completely different experience. The morning of the exam I , began to employ one of the techniques I had been taught. I managed to calm myself down and regain focus. Not only did I make it to and complete the exam, I also passed!” Cat, Anxiety

Sweaty palms, shallow breathing, tight chest, funny tummy. Anxiety is often about fixating on problems that haven’t even occurred yet. Human beings have a distinguishing and incredible gift in the animal kingdom of being able to imagine what events might be like in the future, however we can turn it into a curse and replay unhelpful and unreal potential future catastrophes over and over again if we’re not careful. Almost everyone at some point in their life has experienced worrying themselves into a state of exhaustion over something that may or may not happen. It’s become so common that people will even identify themselves as naturally anxious.

Imagine what life would be like if you can teach yourself how to calm yourself down. You can learn how to enter into any situation and be as cool as a cucumber. You can learn how to bring yourself back from the brink of high anxiety. Anxiety is not a thing that has to rule your life and you have the power to breathe easy, have dry hands, stop that feeling in the pit of your tummy and step into the future with a smile.

Contact me and lets learn how to say goodbye to your anxiety.

“I have been in therapy for over 5 years and was recently diagnosed with cyclomthymia, rapid swings in mood from mild mania to depression, and prescribed medication to stabilise my moods. The rapid mood changes really effected my self-employed career but I felt determined to find a way to manage it without medication. Although I had less than a 10 minute hypnosis session with Tom, it had a profound impact on my mindset. I have to be honest, after the first few minutes of the session which I found to be very similar to a guided meditation, I don’t actually remember what Tom was saying but I was vaguely aware at some point that he invited me to open my mind and allow some form of message to come. I visualised standing up against a corner of a room feeling trapped and heavy. I started to follow the seam of the wall up to the ceiling and along the corners of the room before realising I had turned around to see a vast, bright open space. It may sound “hippy” but I felt an influx of empowerment. A challenge to work out what the “walls” that were blocking me symbolised in reality and to find a way to turnaround or break them down. I now use the “low moods” as action signals to identify and make a change in some way. I have gone over a month now without hitting lower than a 6 on my 1-10 scale and have a much more positive outlook on life. If you are willing to keep an open-mind, I can’t recommend Tom enough.

Jade, Weekend Workshop