Since 2011 I have been working with people to assist them in overcoming fears, and pushing through limitations. I have worked in woodlands, the sea, cliff faces and in offices with thousands of clients and have had the privilege to watch people transform, and achieve things in their lives they never dreamed they were once capable of.

I am fascinated by what motivates and drives people and have studied, read and practiced all manner and forms of coaching over the years. A key component to how I experience the world and communicate is through Nonviolent Communication, which is a philosophy and a language structure that I still practice to this day. In Late 2015 I began my journey of studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) under the tutelage of Ian Pitchford and Mind4Adventure. I was initially skeptical about the claims and the validity of NLP however during the time spent on my course I witnessed a deeply profound philosophy taught with compassion and integrity. I observed people undergo some very powerful breakthroughs, and experienced my own personal breakthroughs as well. Since that time, my energy has been invested into becoming the best that I can be at embodying the philosophies and the techniques that make NLP such an effective tool for assisting myself and others in becoming the best we can be. 

Because I have a background in undertaking and teaching adventurous activities, as well as having been a Senior Manager in a major indoor climbing wall, I have tested and fine tuned the tools of my trade over time. This makes me especially suited to working with those who are driven to lead active and adventurous lives.


Tom Powell Coaching was set up to provide genuine and compassionate help. It’s purpose is to provide a friendly and honest service and to always promote a positive outcome.

Tom Powell Coaching is only interested in assisting people to make positive changes in their life, and to their environment. There are no other agendas or motives.

Whilst there is a more extensive list of the values the company works towards here are 2 key ones.

People work perfectly

Nobody is broken and therefore nobody needs fixing. There are no good people or bad people, only people. Everybody gets stuck from time to time and sometimes it takes the help of someone else to get moving again.

Every single person has the capacity to make a change
“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world” – Archimedes
Nothing is set in stone. Leopards may not be able to change their spots, but chameleons can change their colours and humans can change their values, beliefs, emotions and behaviours for ever if they want to. All it takes is the right nudge, the right motivation at the right time and absolutely anyone can make their own change.


Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy
Practitioner of Creating Your Future Coaching Techniques
Certified NLP Coach
Professional Member ANLP
BA Hons Creative Writing and English