I started climbing in 2005 and I spent the early years of my climbing life by being held back by a fear of heights and my own ego and because of this my climbing performance and my sense of satisfaction was intermittent at best. Several years later after various setbacks as well as some inspirations, I began a personal quest to understand how to have an optimal mindset throughout climbing and have amassed a huge amount of time learning and practising how to condition my mindset as well as helping others to do the same.

I worked as Head Coach and Instructor Manager at Redpoint Bristol for over 3 years and was the leader for the popular and successful climbing squad and youth climbing programmes. These years encouraged me to look at climbing from different perspectives and challenged me to diversify my skill sets to meet different needs. 

Having worked in busy climbing walls, and through my own personal experience, I believe that almost all setbacks in climbing stem from the mind rather than the body and I work to help people to train their mind so that they can have a significant impact in climbing performance and overall well-being. Many climbers are aware that their mind is holding them back, although it often takes the use of a coach to really help them to explore and overcome their boundaries.

I have found that how we apply meaning to climbing and to ourselves largely determines whether we can remain positively motivated and resourceful during setbacks, and whether we will realistically achieve the goals we set for ourselves. I also believe that how we spend our time applying tactics and techniques before we leave the ground will largely determine our outcomes when we are on the rock. I have a background of techniques from the climbing world and traditional coaching as well as from NLP and hypnosis that I have fine tuned with experience so that I can help others be the best that they can be during their climbing.

I have climbed up to and including f8a both indoors and out, and mostly enjoy sport and trad climbing. Some of my finest climbing memories aren’t the biggest numbers I have achieved, but golden moments of holidays in the sun or big experiences shared with good friends.

Some of these photos are with credit to my good climbing buddy Jamie, whose excellent photography can be found on his instagram